Saturday, 23 April 2011

The space itself was quite easily modified, although there were many features that were unsuitable, and detracted away from my work, such power sockets in the middle of walls which intruded and took significant effort to disguise as these fought with the overall character of the room i was trying to create. I incorporated some of the existing features, such as the radiator, which acted as a support for one of my pieces. I tried out various arrangements of the work in order use the space effectively in keeping with my vision and my growing understanding of spatial awareness.

T. Before entering the room i had drawn up a selection of possible layouts, but was keen to stay flexible and react to the room. I utilised the available space in the room by creating a central piece surrounded by focal points in three of the four corners of the room, the unused fourth being the corner with the door. I also occupied wall space with individual pieces highlighted by the blank canvas created by the walls .I wanted to remove the natural sources of light in the room in order to generate an atmosphere using specifically selected and positioned lamps. I blacked out the windows using torn up card (for a rustic hand made feel).

 I used newspaper to make a piece for the floor which can be walked over, so the installation has another interactive dimension, which furthers the impression that the viewer is enclosed within a larger construct.  When entering, the light and shadow effects created by the curtained area draw ones eyes and trigger a sense of curiosity as to what lies beyond. I created this area as a partition within the larger room, to act as a box within a box. The pieces within were selected on the basis that they are  generally individually contained structures.

 As your eyes adjust to the dim light, other pieces become clearer.. The piece in the corner to the left is a sculpture contructed using fragments of a broken crate. The traditional form of the crate has been deconstructed and reassembled in a alternate fashion that still allowes items to be contained within the form. It spills onto the floor, invading the space around it in an organic manner.

Adjacent to the deconstructed crate piece is a collection of work which is more abstract free standing and has a darker theme to evoke a change in mood. Causing the viewer to consider darker aspects to their memories and past.

In the corner to the right is a piece made up of hanging wrapped objects. It could be seen that the objects are being partially obscured by the past, part-forgotten memories drifting almost ungrounded to the present. I have lit the floating objects from below and placed a singular drawer on the floor with objects that are less tightly bound, and more distinguishable to give a hint towards what might exist in the others. Again the narratives are left open to the viewer.

 To the left of this is a more enclosed box form, which invites the viewer to peer through the  opening, beyond the threaded interior which obscures the montage of photos/postcards within. I chose to hang it at eye level to encourage viewers to investigate the contents. Once the viewers have reached this part of the piece their eyes will have adjusted to the low level of light.

Alhough the prospect of filling an entire room was initially daunting; i have enjoyed the challenge and feel that the work has come together in a coherent form. Ive created a dark and mysterious atmosphere, in keeping with my previous pieces..  Ive tried to maintain a continuous level of curiosity within the viewer as they explore the room. I spent a good deal of  time inside the room in order to get a firm feel for how my pieces would interact with the space as a whole .Ive tried to consider the room as a larger spatial object encompassing my work, whilst also being a piece of work in its own right.  Ideally upon entering the room the viewer would become immersed in an amalgamation of memories and confused narratives that together challenge the individual to take an introspective look at their own past.
. Peter, one of the tutors popped in, and the first thing he said was 'theres a nice atmosphere to this space' in reference to the lighting/layout I'd employed (hopefully not in  sarcastic reference to the stressy tense atmosphere  I'd created around myself..). On Tuesday i plan to go into the space, check nothing has fallen off the walls, but a couple more bits up, tidy the floor, cut up the edges of the floor piece, neaten the windows, reassess composition, stick up artist statement then have a drink of the alcoholic variety and hope for the best.

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