Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yesterday the Introspection team met to print out and distribute posters and flyer's. They look really good, but now theres advertisements, it's all become very real. We went down to the union space, to find our individual rooms were filled with PC's and tables which all need clearing.  As i stood in the space, I had a mass of ideas of what i could do/ how i should show my stuff, just wish I wasn't so indecisive. Thursday and tuesday morning are the setting up days, i'm hoping that will be sufficient faffing time for me to work out what I'm doing. We also had to clear out our studio spaces which was pretty arduous, Juan kindly let me dump it all in his room for the time being.

Oh, a  facebook event has also been set up
 The main body of text goes as follows...

'Introspective' is an Art exhibition set up by nine students from the 2nd yr LJMU Fine Art course, our practice centres around a main theme of self-awareness and reflection.

There will be a multitude of visual delights including video, sound and installation. Hope to see you there, if not for the art, fingers crossed we can lure you in with the offer of some form of handheld confectionary.

As this is being held in the LSU, of course there is a bar for you to get merry and what not.

Much love.
Think that sums it all up pretty well.

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