Monday, 11 April 2011

Matt Weir and Philippa Dye.

Probably the best exhibition i've seen so far by fellow fine art students. The free alcohol helped though.

I'm in Pips crit group so have seen her work develop up to the final stages of her exhibition, and her piece really worked. It was based around her grandmother, and consisted of a room set up with chair, blanket, slippers, ticking clock and cross-stitch pieces. It was very well put together and felt well thought through and considered. I saw her piece whilst completely sober, which i think was for the best, as it was a very still and contemplative piece that i think required a level of respect/sober-ness.

By the time i sat down to watch Matt's films the alcohol had been flowing, and i felt as though i was at a house party rather than an exhibition (which isn't a bad thing). His films were also really well put together. The first was of a journey down a road, that sped up with time, and had looping sections. I dont know alot about film pieces but, the fact that it kept my attention shows it did something right. It reminded me of being on long car journeys as a child, and feeling frustrated that i was trapped in the car for the foreseeable future. Also flashbacks of being horrifically travel sick, and to be honest by the end i felt a little bit nauseous, but to be fair i was drinking whiskey which didn't ease the situation. The second film was really beautiful. It was really mellow, and i didn't feel ill at any point! It was an almost surreal mix of colours and sounds that flowed in a dream-like way. It was as if you'd closed your eyes and the changing colours were from light falling on your eyelids. Im aware how cheesy that sounds.

All in all i was very impressed by the exhibition on a whole, although it fuels my anxiety to whether my own exhibition will go down as well. Time will tell.

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