Sunday, 8 May 2011

Inrtrospection. D-Day.

 For the first hour on our opening night there was a general sense of tension, we all had our doubts as to whether people would actually show up. I also felt pretty nervous about how people would react to my work, however the turn out was pretty good, and everyone was positive about my piece (at least to my face). I got mixed comments regarding my installation, generally along the lines of 'its really creepy in there'.

A friend kindy gave me some feedback which has been really useful, thanks stuart...

'My first thoughts are of spiders - a good image, they're very lyrical creatures. Probably because there are so many legs. Not only the abundance of tied-up and dangly things (as if in a web), but the dolls' limbs reminded me either of dismembered flies, or the multiple legs of spiders. Again, in my eyes, this is all good, ok?

I liked the arresting nature of the room - the sound of the ventilator outside forced me to concentrate on whether it was a soundtrack, traffic, or ambient noise - i decided on the latter, but it seriously complemented the atmosphere, which i think i've said was very effective.

As for your qualms about the plugs, i found that, with the door to my left and the dangling fishnets, i could line them up so that the socket was obscured, and - as far as my perspective was concerned - the room was entirely analogue, which fit with the overall 'affekt' one of the first half of the Twentieth Century being summed up, not as fifty years or five consecutive decades, but one block of fashion.

Particularly arresting were the newspapers around the room. I don't know if you intended it, but no headlines were left unobscured, and so the identity of the funeral's subject had to be either deduced or simply guessed. Similarly, the pallet of yellowing paper, wood, and blue was really well-balanced. The only tiny tiny tiny tiniest point would be that some more lighting, perhaps more spread out, or more from below, would have really added to the already quite expressive shadows cast from the low-level lamps.'


(My space turned into quite a social envionment, with people chosing to come in and sit on the floor, which can be seen in photo above)

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