Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Binding stuff with lace- Last photo, dolls head (personal favourite, not sure why)
Ive also been trying to get hold of a curtain to hang, in order to create a room within a room. Anyway i couldn't find one that i liked so Ive made my own from old newspapers, bought from Jim in Quiggins. Id like to take this opportunity to thank Jim for all the crap he's sold me recently. He goes on 'digs' and uncovers all kinds of great stuff. I bought some ancient kid shoes that he'd dug up yesterday for 10p. Bargain. I think he sells stuff to Elizabeth Willow too, who's work i really love. The papers are from 1957, and are pretty interesting as objects in themselves. Ive stuck them together (probably should have sewn them but it was too time consuming for a mock-up) and plan to fold the large piece in a concertina fashion. Ive also bought/made a lamp. Ive attempted to make an existing lamp look old fashioned and worn , and bought a tacky old lamp shade to put on top. Hopefully the dim light will suffice, and shine through the newspaper and look inviting. Fingers crossed. I have another assessment tomorrow so I'll have to set up something that could potentially look like the final piece. Keeping it vague.

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