Saturday, 5 March 2011

We had a meeting a few days ago to discuss names for our exhibition group/ poster lay-outs etc. The original title was 'art and self reflection' but i didn't think this really made sense. Art AND self reflection implies two separate things. The exhibition is technically art AS self reflection if anything. We managed to agree to shorten it to 'self-reflection' which is simple and to the point, and more importantly, makes sense. I think 'introspection/ introspective' might be a more interesting word personally, but hey ho.

 As for poster designs, members of the group have put together different suggestions.  I personally like the first, the colours work well, and its eye catching and intriguing. The second black and white image does have its charms. My work is the back ground for a start which makes me feel all proud and whatnot, and frames the text pretty well. The format is clear, and you know what your getting when you see it. I think it will have to go to some form of group vote. I also think it might be a good idea to layer photos of all of our work until it becomes indistinguishable. that way everyone is on the poster, but in a more subtle way. Unfortunately i lack the skills to know how to put it together, and don't have photo shop or any decent photo editing software. It's an idea anyway which can be put forward to the group.

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