Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wolstenholme exhibition. Re:Action

 Last night I went to see 3 fellow fine art students' work in the wolstenhome space. Our group had originally wanted this space but it fell through due to lack of communication. As I entered the space for the first time I was immediately jealous and dissapointed that i wasnt showing my work there. It would have been a perfect space. It was damp and cold, and falling apart a little. The walls were crumbly and the floor boards were worn. Quite a contrast to the union space, office-like and corporate. But, hey ho. Im going to try to make the most of what i have. Seeing this exhibition has made me question how i would light my own work. I think i'd like to keep the lighting dim in an attempt to disguise the business like environment. This could potentially be done using an old fashioned table lamp or maybe candles (though health and safety wouldn't be happy, and i'd probably have to stand in a corner with a fire extinguisher, which may lessen the experience as a whole).

The exhibition was pretty good. All of the students involved did performance art, a realm i've never dabbled in (probably due to lack of confidence) but enjoy none the less. Each were very different, and as i havn't heard any of the students speak about their work in uni, i was forced to come to my own conclusions as to what their work was about. All in all, it felt well put together... and the free food was nice.

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