Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kieran Harris created this new poster for our exhibition. Pretty sure it's the best version I've seen so far. Its clear, eye catching and looks professional. Well done Kieran.

In other news, my project hasn't developed much recently. I posted some photos a few days ago of my objects wrapped in string. I dyed some string to see if it created a darker feel, and to be honest, it doesn't have a particularly striking impact. I still need to experiment with other binding materials.

 Recently I found a draw (strangely left on smithdown road on top of a bin) and painted it, which now acts as a box to frame a few small pieces. Using a draw could symbolise a personal space/secrets etc. I'm finding it hard to select one piece to show in the exhibition. Part of me wants to show the lot. All of my boxes together on mass, potentially put a tonne of shelves up hap-hazardly and have a jumble of pieces.This might just appear overwhelming and confusing. Id like to get back into my space and try some variations out. There is also the possibility of leaving small wrapped objects around the union space on ledges, or clustered in corners of rooms.

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