Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wolstenhome Exhibition.

In April, me and 6 other second year students plan to exhibit our work in the Wolstenhome space, based under the theme of self awareness and reflection. I am yet to see the Wolstenhome space in person, but i've seen photo's and heard good things. Hopefully we will view this space as a group this week, and discuss the types of space we will require. We have individually wrote proposals, and collated them into an email, which has been sent off to Wolstenhome. My proposal was as follows:

Louise Hastings-
My current work has ultimately been inspired by Joseph Cornell's boxes. I have been incorporating personal nostalgic objects and imagery, with pieces/photos from second hand shops (buying other peoples memories). Observers are encouraged to work out their own connections between the objects in the boxes, forming their own narrative. For this exhibition I plan to ‘think outside the box’, by keeping the form of a box without the physicality of a box structure, potentially through suspending collected items to form an assemblage. Preferably this would be set up in the corner of a room within the Wolstenholme space.

I've tried to keep this proposal vague, as my project is changing and developing all the time and has potential for change. We've also created a facebook group which will act as a kind of blog and will be useful for keeping updated!/home.php?sk=group_141309599263671&ap=1

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