Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Still thinking 'outside the box'

I've been trying really hard to break away from the box structure, whilst incorporating memories and a sense of nostalgia. The pieces below look a bit darker, especially the piece with the rusty nails and dolls arms. The other piece which i made, constituting of two pieces of wood, and a cobweb -style tangle (created using a glue gun) has a torn up photo dispersed in small pieces. Whats this all about?! I hear you cry. Well... you tell me. I think it kind of portrays memories cast aside, forgotten, bitter, and confused. I'm leaving it open to debate. I feel like I'm still fishing around for a solid direction. If I'm totally honest, I'm still not massively sure what I'm 'trying to say' with my work. Its all very confused. So confused in fact that I'm considering basing this project on confusion itself. I'm constantly frustrated by my inability to turn off my thoughts. I over think EVERYTHING. I think if I hadn't thought so much about where this project is going, it might have actually gone somewhere. Perhaps if I could combine this sense of confusion with an air of nostalgia, mixed up memories and thoughts. This said, i might end up just confusing myself further.

This is some collage style work that I also did, still using bits and pieces I've kept hold of over the years. I used pre-made boxes which have a ribbon loop at the top, for hanging up and displaying. When I make art i tend to want to make tonnes of the same thing, altering it slightly each time until it feels like Ive got it right. Part of me really wanted to just make an endless amount of boxes, but i know I've got to try to develop and progress, so i did these, hoping it would lead somewhere. It didn't.

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