Thursday, 3 February 2011

My work in studio is slowly progressing, I've been thinking about how I want my work to be seen...

Using a small table gave these collage pieces a sense of importance. Simple as that.

Considering "relationship with floor"... I've got hold of some more wood and began to contruct this structure around a pillar in my studio space, I plan to arrange objects/photos on and around it.

I got hold of this old fashioned table cloth to place this box on. I think it works pretty well all in all, and frames the box well.

Below is my attempt at suspending objects to create a box formation. It didn't go as well as I'd planned. I used one of those grids that you cook chips on, and used fishing wire to suspend the objects. I was hoping if I used the grid I would eventually have a cube of objects, but due to the scale they just kind of clustered. I might come back to this idea, using a different scale, but the process was massively faffy and if I do it, I need to do it properly.

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