Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Meeting at Student Union

Today we had a meeting with Jess Green to discuss our exhibition plans at the union. We were shown around, and there is a decent amount space available. The space itself is quite corporate, as many meetings are held in there, and it had a generally bland and clinical feel. Its not ideal for the type of work I'm showing (kind of rustic, old fashioned junk shop style) but its neutral enough to be acceptable. It would've been nice to be using a small space with cracked walls, and a hint of character but beggars can't be choosers. I'm aware I've just completely contradicted my last post, where I went on about how much I'd love a neutral space but hey ho.

Theres opportunity for me to have my own room which is exciting yet pretty daunting. I could always just use a corner of the room, but i need to consider how the scale of my work will work in contrast with the scale of the space itself. Below are a couple of photos of the room in question. It would be nice to incorporate the two narrow windows somehow. The dates are yet to be fully confirmed for our exhibition, but Jess should be in touch soon, she seemed keen to inject some art into the space, and has been alot more informative/reliable than Wolstenhome so far.

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