Thursday, 3 February 2011

A couple of days ago I went to a lecture/meeting regarding the course as a whole, as many students have been confused by deadlines etc. I feel more clear as to what I need to do, and for when, but it's all pretty daunting. That said, it was comforting for Juan to say its not unreasonable to not know what your interests are when asked flat out. I was asked this at the start of the year by my tutor and responded with 'erm....shadows?' I said this simply because I'd once done a project on shadows and it seemed like a reasonable arty answer. He asked 'why? why do they interest you?' I had no idea. I felt completely stupid, and couldn't think of anything on this planet that genuinely interested me. I'm not a vacuous person (i hope) but it definitely made me question myself.

Anyway, the exhibition side of the course is still up in the air. I am still yet to see the Wolstenhome space, due to communication problems between our group, and the gallery itself . We have only recently received an email back from them, but the dates available to exhibit  are not suitable, due to members of our group being away from Liverpool at the time. Negotiations are still happening, but the Student Union is a potential back up plan. Althought Wolstenhome was an aesthetically pleasing space, I don't mind where I exhibit, as long as it's pretty neutral and not drenched in context that I need to consider and potentially alter my work accordingly. I know every building has a layer of context and background but still, neutral-ish would be good.  I don't really want to decide how I'm going to exhibit my work until I've seen the space, so this gives me a good excuse not to think about that, for now anyway.

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