Wednesday, 8 December 2010

                                            New box (which isn't really a box at all)
As I was particularly pleased with my last wooden box, I have decided to continue physically contrusting my work, rather than using ready made boxes. I came across an old crate, and broke it into pieces. What caught my eye about this wood was how the nails had rusted and stained the wood, and how it contrasted with the stark blue paint. I now need to decide what to do with this structure. I am gradually moving away from the typical form of a box. 

 After my assesment I was pointed in many differnent directions.  After mentioning that I'd like to fill spaces such as a hole in a tree/brick wall (instead of filling boxes) I was advised to look at Kurt Schwitters, so I did... Below is an image of the Merz Barn (1947). I'd really like to have a go at doing something similar, stay tuned.
Other things to think about...
  • Changing scale -potentially using a room/shed to create small installation
  • What am I trying to say with my work?
  • Context alteration- against a backdrop that itself changes (clouds, road, night sky?) and utilised time-lapse photography?
  • Or, against a background that, at the right distance, contains something that would fit into that top-right corner space. Bringing the backdrop forward and making it the subject.

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